If Something Makes Me Angry..

If something makes me angry is having to work on weekends. I just hate it. I think in all the other beautiful things that I could be doing.. but instead I have to be at the office. One spends way too much time in the office and has to go on some weekends as well. Hate it.
Calipri Calipri 22-25, F 4 Responses Jun 30, 2012

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I worked with a man long ago who said it very well. "I'm tired of it, and I'd quit right now, if I didn't have two bad habits to support. Those two bad habits are eatin' and payin' the rent."

Unwind.. Im unwinding right now..

When do you unwind?

Hmm.....yep.....we do require some break after doing any work.....!Work......Work....and too much of work can make us completely drained out of energy and if we don't recharge ourselves by taking a break ,we're sure to loose our mind in my opinion :P ;)

It really makes me angry..

hmm.. well......I just hope that this work lasts for this weekend alone.........:)