Working Weekends Can Destroy Your Life

Working weeknds can certainly destroy one's personal health, family life and time. Anyone who says otherwise is not being honest with oneself. you always feel as though your missing somthing that everyone else is participating in. Missed birthdays, family reunions, weddings,  funerals, you name it, people on the whole depend on the weekend to physically interact with each other. Its just the way it goes. If you go out during the week to enjoy an evening of entertainment people think your crazy or a drunk or somthing, so that doesnt work. I've been working weekends for 30 some years and it just gets worse. what's even worse they call them long weekends but for many it's just an extra weekend day to have to work. So.... if you have the chance don't do it. You'll live longer, be happier and those around you won't have to change their live's to accomadate your work. Just leave it to us suckers that are cought in a no win situation.      

DarnRight DarnRight
Mar 13, 2010