How To Turn Workplace Bullying/ Prejudice To Your Advantage?

Nope, I have no idea how to. I am a victim myself. In fact I was a victim today, for the umpteenth time. As much I got angry, abusive, irritated, disappointed, demotivated, used, fooled, prejudiced, lost in thought, feeling sad about my life, not given due recognition that I deserve - all in my head, not a word spoken - I started thinking how do I turn this to my advantage. At least enough for me to survive in this environment till I get another job.

The other side of bullying is favoritism at workplace. I have seen that my egocentric, utterly manipulative, so-good-with-words manager, has a weakness for certain type of people. Young girls in particular- in an older brother sort of a way, I would like to believe. I know this because he had thought I was 25 (I look younger than my age, but not 25 heh). He treated me like second grade citizen who was his assistant (which I never was by the way). But the day he got to know my age, his behavior towards me changed. Nope, he did not become more respectful of me, he became more insecure. From that day on, he doesn't leave a stone unturned to show me down in front of my colleagues, or treat me like a third grade citizen. Soon I realised he was favoring my young junior (which is ok, his business not mine) and dumping her work on me (not at all ok), and trusted her to the extent of questioning a colleague's integrity (I have been around longer and I know this reliable person's habits), and mine of course.

Maybe I should have had the answer by now but I don't. How do people who are such gossip mongers, bad - mouthers, who really dont do any work, get away with it, and infact are appreciated. I am not talking only a*s-licking sycophants. What does it take to be like these people. What would happen if one is like them? How can one become like them. Any which ways, there is no respect.

No, actually, I don't want to be like them. But I would really like to turn things in my favor, without loosing my respect in my own eyes.

Would really love to know fellow EP members' stories and suggestions, how you turned the situation to your advantage, even in a toxic work environment.
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You are obviously a very competent worker. There is not a thing you can do to cause your manager to feel more secure in himself, unless you can think of things he might do that will make him look good. To preserve your own sanity, just be careful, remembering that the knives are out, and get along as well as you can until you can find a new job. I hope and pray that in a new situation you will be valued and respected. And whenever you see or hear anything untoward, make a note of it; keep a journal; you never know when it might come in handy.

Thanks perserver for the insight and advice. Because he has an inflated ago, I just say yes to whatever he has to say, least it leads to an argument. That makes him look good, I can see he feels good too. Honestly, I want to tell him to grow up. Keeping a journal is fine, but the extra effort that goes into it is so unnecessary, and taxing. So much for maturity.