World of Warcraft Is Ruining Our Marriage

I was okay with this game when my husband started playing it a year ago,but now I think it is going to cause our marriage to end..I have been married to this man for almost 7 years which hasn't been easy but we have tried to work at it,until now. I have 4 children from him 3 boys ranging from 8-3 years old who want to do things with their dad but he will not get off of his game. I have a daughter who is 2weeks old today. My husband did not got to any doctor's appointment,he was not there when I delievered her and he didn't come see her until he came to pick us up from the hospital 2 days later. We need a bigger vechile to drive around our family of six that he will not go get and he has been laid off from his Job for the last 4 months and will not go find another (unemploment will run out) because of this game..He sits in front of the computer for at least 12 hours a day playing this stupid game and when any of us interrupt him he flips out on us. I think I have finally reliezed that this stupid pathic game is more important then his 4 children so it is time to say good bye to him

precious120507150102 precious120507150102
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2009