I Hate Kinect

Most X Box fans will tell you of all the things about the X Box, one of the few things they don't like is Kinect. It doesn't work right two thirds of the time, the controls are glitchy at best, and using one makes you thrash about like a special ed kid chasing a fly. I can't stand these overpriced pieces of trash. I'll take the fluid, easy to understand, straighforward use of a standard controller over the clunky, glitchy, awkward to use controls of any motion control device. Microsoft keeps trying to make Kinect appealing to hardcore gamers, but what they don't realize it seems is the 99% of hardcore gamers hate the very idea of Kinect. "Motion control gaming SUCKS, the end, no argument to the contrary accepted" is the standard mindset of most true gamers. Yet they can't seem to understand that. It's as if the opinions of the gamers don't matter about this. No matter that the majority of people tell them Kinect is terrible and what they really want is better graphics and gameplay, Microsoft keeps on talking about how awesome it is, how much people love it, and how the next generation X Box will have motion control intergrated into the system itself. If everything goes motion control, I'm done with video games and so are a great many of Microsoft's customers. Maybe that will finally ram home the idea that gamers hate Kinect.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I want the kinect to work soo bad because I love the dancing games. But of course I can't even play the actual game because it won't read my hand waving about it total madness trying to get the da*n thing to effing work!!! ERRRG.