I Am Nervous Of People I Don't Know.

I Don't like change of dentist more so than anything else, worse if it is a foreign dentist, or even doctor, I worry they might not be very sympathic about what I got, I might not be about to understand them very well because of their broad accent, I like to stay with what i know as long as I can, I cannot even go to take a prescription to the chemist if their is a black person their, I have been lucky so far, but I don't mind buying a cup of coffee off a black person, friday I went into a costa coffee cafe, as I urgently needed the toilet, I did not notice any differance at all with my cappaccino, I could do it again with no nerves, also when I was on holiday last week I went to casualty to see if there was somebody that could help me with my hearing aid, a India looking man came in ,I first thought it was a patient , then I thought no, it must be a doctor, I was not too nervous but just a little uncomfortable.
and soon I am changing my job, I feel quite nervous about that, as there won't be anybody I know in the place until I have got to know them.
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i hate having things change around me too much! only if it's my idea! really,i think i can understand on this a little. sometimes i get embarrassed because i don't recognize people right off...probably because my glasses arent' strong enough or i may have a little face blindness. so it must be really hard for you,because it might feel like more of a jungle to negotiate for you.

I grew up in a English country area & at the time everyone was white except for the families who ran a couple of ethnic restaurants & a chinese take away.<br />
When I 1st moved to London in my late teens I felt really awkward talking with people of Afro-Carribean & Asian backgrounds. <br />
We seemed to reguard each other with a lot of suspicion & I had difficulty understanding what many of them said because of their accents.<br />
Now i've worked alongside them in offices for many years & we get on fine although most of my social friends are still white.<br />
I think its just a question of being patient & giving yourself & them a chance. <br />
Everything will probably turn out fine in the long term & this will be for the best.

It can be very nerve-racking to have to meet people you don't know; and if they are very different from you, it can be even more difficult. Just remember that because they are humans just like you, they have emotions too, and maybe they are just as nervous as you are when they meet you! Just remember to always be polite and kind, and they will be polite and kind to you. I work with an Indian family and they are very friendly and lovely, so you have nothing to worry about :)