A Bunch Of Corrupt Bastards Who Are Trying To Promote Right Wing Agenda

I have been suspended 5 times for no good reason.  What the problem is that the website is far right.  Its all Religious Fundamentalists, Right Wing Republicans, stricter than thou parents, cultural conformists, bitchy feminists, proper bastards, and every other authority kissing snob who feel the need to attack people who would rather be individuals who have no desire to be under the power of Organized Religion, the Government, Big Business, cultural norms, schools and every other other authoritarian fascist.  That website just doesnt make any sense.  I used to use the Religion and spirituality category to seek advise about deep spiritual matters only to have to hear their auto-response to join their religion or burn in hell.  Politics the same thing.  They go off talking crap on Liberals, despite the fact that they know nothing about liberalism except what Fox News tells them.  But where else are the Righties supposed to go?  In Culture and Groups, you cannot disguss anything without some big baby whining about your question being "Too offensive".  Etiquette is just a bunch of elitist snobs who feel the compulsive need to attack anyone who does not just blindly follow a bunch of dumb social norms.  The Pets section is nothing but a bunch of arrogant snobs who think that their idea of pet care is superior to all others, and accuse people who dont care for pets their way as being animal abusers.  Their moderating system is so messed up.  You cannot even defend yourself if you get insulted by one of those extremists.  Every time I put those fascists in their place, I get a violation and my question gets removed.  If you report an offensive answer, the question gets deleted instead.  Those idiots were supposed to remove the answer I reported, not the question.  But all the YA staff do is take down stuff that they dont personally like, which is any content threatening their system of strict conformity to a bunch of outdated systems.  But what do you expect from power hungry bastards who are being payed by more power hungry bastards to support their fascist Right Wing views. 

ratburn ratburn
Jul 13, 2010