They Are Extremely Ignorant About Politics

Half the users on there worship the right wing, because of "Economic Freedom".  Then tell me, why is it under right wing policies, we have a crappy economy?  Because the only people who get the freedom are those with the most money.  The rest who dont have enough money are stuck slaves to greedy corporations.  But according to them, we have the rights to leave.  Yet they never address the matter that the Right wing wants a totalitarian system ruling over our personal lives.  They insist that they are just trying to instill good morals.  Really?  When does allowing gay marriage also equal allowing murder?  Then they go claiming that the USA was created based on Protestant Fundamentalist values.  Well Puritan America was.  And you can see how well that worked out.  The founding fathers may have been Christians, or Unitarians, or deists.  But they were not the Fundamentalist Bible thumpers we have been cursed with.  Yet they still mark that claim.  If you ask me, most of those people are members of the Religious right.  No more than dictators with a Fundamentalist agenda.  If they ever got into power, we would be in trouble. 
ratburn ratburn
Mar 19, 2011