Yahoo Answers Is Worse Than Useless

I mainly hate Yahoo answers because every time I am looking for a legitimate answer to a legitimate question, it's at the top of the results list, and if I have a catastrophic brain malfunction and actually look at it, it's full of smart -alecky troll answers -- or it's some half-informed non-answer, like "you should take your computer to a repair shop" in response to a question about how to repair your own computer, for example. If you don't know the answer to the question posted, why on god's green earth did you bother to post? arrrggh. And then, half the time, that one is chosen the best answer by the asker of the question. It's enough to make me lose what little faith in humanity I have left.

If some whiz-kid developer is out there, can u please design a Firefox add-on that adds the following to every google search i ever do
          -- or some other way to blacklist certain sites from search results. 

Manually typing this after my question does successfully block all the yahoo "answers" but i get tired of typing it every time I want to search for something.

Yahoo Answers needs to die. Thank you. I'm feeling better already. I yield the balance of my time.
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yahoo is bloody usless

Yes! I hate when I get on there with a question that I TRULY and SERIOUSLY want the answer to and get useless answers or troll answers. The thing that really irritates me is the fact that people put useless answers SIMPLY because they KNOW they'll get points no matter how effortless/pointless they are. And if you're stuck having to choose a best answer from crappy answers, one of those crappy answers gets best even though it really SUCKS! It truly boils my blood when I'm asking a question and go into FULL detail in that question and someone will post an answer like "I'm not understanding what you're trying to ask." or I get a foolish answer that has NOTHING to do with what I asked. Finally, it makes me sick when I post a question and it'll go days and only get 1-4 answers total by the time my question has expired. Meanwhile, silly questions like "Do you like cheese?" will get 20+ answers. Makes me so mad! >:(

I seen better sucker on a milking machine truesly..

Yip yahoo suck thats for sure a milking machine would be a better sucker that yahoo eh...

Yes, yahoo answers truly sucks

Yeah I agree it certainly does suck

I have had nothing but the very same exact experiences as you, and I am sorry you had to go through that. It is not right. Yahoo sucks and should be taken off the internet completely. People need to grow up and stop harassing the people who ask for advice or help. Some smart alec had the nerve to lash out at me when I asked a simple question like "how do you get a foundation makeup stain out of a white shirt?". I did not expect anyone to take that question and lash out the way they did, however somewhere, somehow two girls did find a way and got bent out of shape over a innocent question like that to the point they felt the need to say some nasty things to me in reply. So I added a detail and said no troll comments please and stated that Yahoo! Answers was not used for people's opinions or impolite or nasty remarks, which was not wrong because that is honestly NOT what Yahoo Answers should be used for. So another smart alec troll gets on there and lashes out at me and says something like "You are a f*cking ret**d! I find it hilarious you say that Yahoo Answers is used for just advice etc. When you use a "public" site like Yahoo! Answers you are agreeing to open yourself up to all the public communities comments no matter what they are" and then continued to rant and tell me to go **** myself etc.... which I reported to Yahoo but they never did anything about it. Isn't Yahoo just lovely?

I used to like it, but lately it seems like it has been taken over by a bunch of under 25 know-nothing haters and trolls. It's too bad because there used to be some really good experts on there until recently.

It shouldn't have been born!