Y.a Moderators Suck

The biggest problem with Yahoo Answers are the moderators who refuse to enforce their own community guidelines. It's a joke. People are unfairly penalized while trolls are free to wander about, clogging the website with their nonsense while others spread their venom in the form of rants, abusive language and discrimination. I've also noticed there is a cult-like mentality of the Yahoo faithful. It's as though the moderators of Y.A. can do no wrong in their opinion. For every question posted regarding the unfair treatment of members or the vindictive behavior of the moderators, the website explodes with comments that the moderators are correct 98% of the time. Eventually, I arrived at the conclusion that these commentators are either working for Y.A. or they're actually delusional. It was time to get to steppin'.
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Yes, I agree! And you know the report nazi's hang out daily on their suggestion board...I got sick of the same stuff you did, I ditched YA almost a year ago, though kept an account open to vote and thumps up spammers....for a bit of revenge voting..(giggles)

It sounds just like the political landscape of the United States these days. We take what we can get out of these things, ans when it is time to move on, we do. As long as we arent goose stepping,in lock sync with these people, it is good to be steppin'