Yahoo! Answers With Crap Cake Frosting

I've just answered a question on Yahoo! Answers and got suspended.

There was a question from a supposibly 15 year old who wants to know what to put on his web page and if he should get a page at all. I wrote a 1.5 mile long page, providing fabulous recourses for him. My 10 point list contained everything you could ask for to get a free site and how to drive traffic to it. At the end of my list i put two of my sites but i provided that kid with way more recorses than he could handle. my account got shut down a few minutes afterwords, telling me that I wasn't following the Yahoo! Answers rules. I read in their terms, that I was not supposed to put my websites links in those answeres... ok

But right before me there was a dude's answer with only a link to his money site in it. It's honestly true... Fact is, his "answer" is still there... mine's got deleted.

I suspect that Yahoo! has his own people, to promote some stuff like websites and products, while they want to avoid others using their platform for their own promotion.

I'm thinking, that Yahoo Answeres was built around this structure... And I am not giving any more of my knowledge to those "Yapoo!Cancers"

So, if any one is working on a script like "stumblebot" for yahoo answers, let me know...

Here's by the way a screenshot of that site I got suspendet from.

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Join the group, you won't regret it. They are awesome and are probably the group that is gonna drive Yahoo into the ground soon. Also Like them on Facebook, they'd love to have your story and everything.<br />
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Too many people have gone through this same exact bs and it isn't right.

Screw Yahoo Answers

That is sad. Yahoo Answers is a J O K E.

i am commentless at this moment...