this site is so ******* stupid and I am fed up with the bullcrap i get put through. I get reported for asking a question about my fiancee in vietnam. most of these questions that i post are just questions asking for help like where can I find a hotel with honeymoon suites and where can I have an outdoor wedding in ho chi minh city. Everytime I post something it gets reported and removed. I have been suspended over 5,000 times and lost over 3,000 accounts because of these idiots. Now they made it even worse because now a level 7 can move your questions. I can't post anything in the travel vietnam section anymore because of some level 7 stalking troll moves my questions into remote unused categories. The ******* idiot wants to ruin my life and make me unable to go to vietnam to get married. I ******* hate this site. I wish I can track all of these ************* down and go to their house and kill them.
jacobnguyen3569 jacobnguyen3569
26-30, M
Aug 16, 2014