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Seriously ? Anybody got any yahoo answers that are dumb as this ?

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

That's kinda the reason I love browsing it...get some lols out of it and sometimes offer some serious advice.

Oh Lord lol it seems Yahoo enjoys the perverted and sexual innuendo cuz they seem to promote it most. I saw a question that simply said "I love sex, do you love sex as much as I do?" Wow. In this question (I was bored enough to click into it, because I guess I couldn't believe that out of all the questions or answers Yahoo deletes that this one has been on there for an entire 6 YEARS!! Get this . . . people were even posting links to NUDE PICS OF THEMSELVES!!! Of course I did not click into them, because the idiots answering the questions gladly said what the link was for and what it led to. While all of this is ok by Yahoo standards, I say screw Yahoo!