You. Go To Hell.

why are you always like that? why are you always such a pain in the as*?
you always act like you're so happy and great. when most of the time you talk behind other people's back about things that dont really matter even an effing inch. do you see yourself? that you're just one ***** who can't live with a person to kneel behind you and an anti-bacterial.
i hate you so much. you would make me feel like i'm of the lowest level of beings. you take away things that i've just had for the first time: real close friends who don't use me, approval of even just a small number of people and reliable friends of the opposite gender. you already have these things, im not even taking them away from you. so why destroy mine? 
i hate how you are such a parasite to me. being there when im seriously studying, always distracting me. especially when i write notes, you would ask what the lecturer said. isnt it that you have to listen? you have ears, as*hole.
i hate it that you tend to parasite others and get a higher mark than those people. i hate how you're being such a leech, benefiting from others and yet leaving them weak.
i hate how you slowly took away my closest and reliable friend and be a factor to her transition to a selfish, self-absorbed monster.
you, yourself, is a self-absorbed, narcissistic ***** who would always look only for yourself and for people whom you benefit from.

mediciofflorence mediciofflorence
Jul 22, 2010