Get Your Nasty *** Away From Me

I HATE YOU. YOU ARE THE WORST TEACHER EVER. I have never hated anyone as much as you! And you are so creepy! When I came to talk to you about my grade you said "Let's go to a different room so we aren't distracted." DISTRACTED? Their is only one other person in the classroom YOU FREAK. and It's the janitor, like he's going to distract me! I'm glad I said, "No I'd rather stay in here." Trying to RAPE me, you sicko. 

I ******* hate you. I hate your eyes, mouth, face, body, the way you wink at all the girls, the way you sit next to me when I need help and sufficate me with your creepiness, I hate how you pick on me, I hate how you say I'm "out of control", I hate how you're making me get a tracking slip and you're making me come to you after class each day so you can sign my planner, I hate how you make me feel like a bad kid, I hate how you never warn us about quizzes or tests, I hate how I've had you for two years and not learned anything, I hate how you always try to make my class hate Obama because you are a rebuplican, I hate how you always want to talk about religion and how it is important, I hate that teal shirt you wear everyday, I hate how you asked that girl if she shaved her legs, I hate how you think you are a cool teacher because you are young, I hate how you always talk about yourself and make lame jokes, I hate how uncomfortable you make me, and I hate how your class ruins my day. 


annaiscool annaiscool
13-15, F
Mar 6, 2010