Confused Hatred.


yeah. it is true. i'm pissed. why? because it seems that even though those people would usually treat you like their own helper, they would be the people you'll choose. and we are just your 'back-up' whenever you get burned out from the other group or whenever you had conflict with them. together with my two friends, we feel used. 'cause you only know us when those other people leave you

sure, label it as some call for darn attention. maybe i'm expecting you to return our gestures, or even show you genuinely care for us. and i hate myself for hoping even just for a small thing. yes, call it jealousy or whatever you want. 'cause it can be. but i just want to point out that:

compare to those other people, we don't ask for favors, or anything that can make you uneasy. for we already know the burden you have with the other people with all their wishes and commands. yet, in my own part, i still get disappointed. call me the biggest expectator, but i feel bad knowing that i, together with my friends, are NOBODYS ONLY RECOGNIZED WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO CHOOSE.

wow. you really know your way to utility.


mediciofflorence mediciofflorence
Mar 7, 2010