But Only Because Of You

I've never had a problem with the exes of people I'm dating until now. My girlfriend's more or less ex girlfriend is just a wretched person. She had my girlfriend completely brainwashed while they were more or less together-well technically they never were officially together, the ex never had any interest in getting with my girlfriend until my girlfriend was MY GIRLFRIEND.

She realized she didn't have complete control over my girl anymore, so then she started playing mind games and telling my girlfriend all of these things to confuse her.

However, it's not the crazy ex that makes this so hard....it's my girl.

Why won't you get rid of texts from her that talk about all of your old fights or sexcapades. The fact that you won't get rid of them, just shows that you're still holding on to her regardless of what you say. You still get mad about the little things she does. I feel like you would much rather keep the waters calm with her, even if it means rocking the boat with me. I wish you actually cared about how uncomfortable this girl makes me, I wish that you would WANT to delete her texts or her from her life. Yeah, I wish you would do that for me, but mostly, I wish that you would do it because you want to do it.

How can someone who treats you so badly, still have such a hold over you?

I've avoided posting this for so long, cause I have some fear that you'll find my account on this site and read this. But I finally realized that it won't change anything if you read it, because you know how your ex makes me feel. And the fact that you can't do something simple like delete her old text messages about her waiting in the dark (just how she likes it) in a bathtub for you....makes me worry

You would do anything for her, but you wouldn't do half of that for me. You told me once that she could've asked you to play in garbage and you would've gone with her. Hell, I ask you to come visit me when i'm sick and you probably won't come over today. It sucks, because I expect that. I should expect my girlfriend to see me, but instead, I just assume that you'll stay home on your couch doing nothing.

I'm sure that anyone who reads this will be like "oh my god, get out of this relationship", but keep in mind, this is only one piece of my relationship, and I haven't posted about all of the good pieces yet.

But I just had to get this out.

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I'll let you know when I figure it out. For now, I say we just have to go with the flow and see where the river takes us. Because it's just way to unclear to come up with any kind of definate answer now it sems

It's a pity new relationships come with the baggage of old relations isn't it. I wish I had a magical solution. To a degree I am there as well. My "current" seems to come up with odd "issues" regarding his ex. I have no idea how to deal with this. Do we get mad and explode everytime these needy leeches call or text? Do we just ignore it and laugh because the "ex's" blew their chances? Do we walk out on the whole cluster and chalk it up to experience? <br />
If you find the magic answer please patten it and sell it I will be your first customer.

Haha, how did I know the comment would be from you. And yeah, I agree with you. I've been in her shoes as well, except I didn't date anyone for 3 years until I figured my stuff out. Also, we've been dating for over a year, so I feel like this small problem should be better. Also, I have confronted her, she knows how god awful this girl makes me feel, but when they argue, she tends to just cater to her. Once in awhile she'll stick up for me, but then she'll cave later and say things to her like "oh I don't actually care about all that stuff, you don't have to see her if it makes you uncomfortable"....if the ex was a decent human being I could understand...but she's just awful. She's trying to destroy my relationship just so she can have a puppet again.

I've been in your gf's place before and chances are she is still hung up on her ex. I'd start giving your gf a reason to be jealous and confront her about this small problem...small problems tend to grow over time.