Your Scat Fetish May Cause Us A Divorce...

      I am facing a disturbing and disgusting situation. I am recently married, just since Nov. 25, 2010. Things were great until after Christmas. We had been in a long distance relationship for a few years and are 575 miles apart. I am in college in MO and she cannot leave TX yet because of her son from a previous relationship. No problem, only a year to go right?

       Now I find her on here having hundred+ friends that are all into scat, that is pooping on themselves, playing in it, having sex in it, even eating it. I saw several pics of her eating her own poop, and videos of her doing all manner of things covered in feces, using multiple vibrators on herself, etc. And all of this she is sharing with everyone on her EP. I have not yet seen one of her friends who does NOT have a scat related experience. She has been caught planning to meet up with a guy, and I know more than I am telling on here. She refuses to stop and sees no problem with it. She is sorry... but only because she got caught.

       It is taking over her entire life and I am very nearly at the end of my rope here. She doesn't think there is a problem, and she refuses to get treatment. She is hateful to me and lies constantly. All I want is for things to go back to the way they were before, before she started getting into and experimenting with her fetish. I even caught her sneaking out into her dad's back yard and pooping there. She spend hours at this fetish thing every day. Her 4 yr old son asked me"why is mommy in the bathroom/shower all the time?" It broke my heart, and all I could tell him was mommy is dirty and needs to clean up. But he knows something is wrong.

I am afraid she has turned into a sh*t eating scat Wh*re with absolutely no control. I know she was abused as a child and raped, and I try to keep this in mind and be understanding, but it is the end of April now and I don't know how much more I can stand. She can't even ****** without thinking of her feces fetish in some form. Poop must be involved. Any recommendations? I can completely relate to fetishes destroying relationships. I feel cursed, because this is the worst case scenario I can think of. And she says she doesn't want a divorce. So what am I supposed to do?

KirbyPoo KirbyPoo
22-25, M
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Support her fetish man!

ive just been married myself, I knew about my husband before, but never realized how bad its gotten... we ve been married for one year and 4 month, he just came clean with me and told me some horrible things I never knew about... im lost, but i think its the end...

Cut your losses and get divorced. No amount of theropy or anything can take away something like that. And if she was willing to cheat on you once she will do it again, especially if you dont support her fetish.

just do anything you can to take her to some professional who can deal with such situations.... force her, trick her, it's for your own good, greater good.. Good LUck Kirby

Go away. Can't you guys see that Kirby has a f****ing PROBLEM!?

What's her number?

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sorry kirby i don't have any recommedations. as your wife has a fetish addiction and sad as it is it is only she who can change it. i feel for you so much. sending hugs to you.<br />
She sounds like she needs to get help. she has underlying issues here i am guessing and maybe should not have gotten married if fidelity is already a problem. I am finding with some addictions they don''t and won't see a problem. believe it doesn't hurt anyone. they also will not change till they deal with what is such a uncontrollable driving force to do this behaviour. a fetish in it's self is not a bad thing but if it defines ones life, causes destruction to themselves or others and interefers with daily life. then it is a problem. I feel for you and her son because you are in the path of an addict . you can offer help and understanding but you cannot let it take your quality of life away either. <br />
if you need someone i am offering an ear so to speak.... as i understand some of the pain you are going through. xx

I doubt anyone else has this problem.... can anyone relate?

can we have an update please