I Used To Love It But Now I Hate It

youtube used to be the best site ever (except for this site). but after their recent layout update it has gotten SLOW! it takes forever to load a video, sometimes i go back to the start of the video (not by refreshing the page) and the buffering disappears! and even when its buffered it still stops the video for no reason at all! this stinks!
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2012

I have just realised this myself. Couple of days ago I got to point I got really sick and tired of YT and stuff on there and just deleted my account I had nearly 600 videos on my account. Honestly I didnt really care about it.

The community surrounds it can be ignorant (NOT All). I have found this with elevator filmers on Youtube probley getting trolled upon. I used to do the same til I descovered many people did the same lifts so I stayed with the wave machine (Swimming pool) as I have an interests with these too. Another thing people seems to just click dislike probley without watching the videos fully as if they are judgmental low life idiots. Couple of disclaimers on my videos was directed at these people and It had a very harsh message on what I exactly think of people who come on and to moan about the time wasting videos and it was not nice but it was the truth. Quite frankley I could not be bothered to deal with these losers who click and moan.

Even the UNIX videos seems to attract trolls.

Video itself is also a problem where it keeps stopping halfway and not always show. Even reject the video on upload.

its better now i just had to reboot its still a good site