They're Out There And Increasing In Numbers!

It's really sad at how our once great nation has fallen from it's pinnacle, a shadow of it's former self.

The torch of liberty is flickering with it's last feeble light as more and more of our freedoms are ******** from us without a whimper from the majority of its citizens.

In fact it's not whimpering that can be heard but the bleating of sheep as they blindly are led down the road to the slaughter house by shepherds that just want to profit from the animals.

The scariest thing is that we no longer just have the standard sheep, blindly following the heard, no they have turned into the dreaded Zombie Sheep, feeding off one another in an effort to have control how fast that we will continue to fall, while the drunken shepherds sit back, laughing at the spectacle as the Zombie Sheep tear one another apart.

The thing is the Shepherds are the supposed public servants inhabiting Washing DC. led by the man who is trying his damnedest to bankrupt the country as fast as he can, the current president. He is supported by the other Shepherds serving in the Congress, feeding at the public trough growing fat while the people struggle for the basic necessities of life, food, water and shelter.

It has been three years since the Senate has passed a budget, refusing to do their jobs. If they worked in the private sector, they wouldn't keep their jobs, let alone get paid.

But the vast herds of Zombie Sheep, keep voting these dirty, corrupt, self serving "servants" into office. Somewhere in the past, the servants became the masters and the masters the servants, or even worse, the sheep that blindly let liberty slip away.

So if you believe as I do, then beware the Zombie Sheep, because if you aren't one of the Flock, they'll be coming to eat you.
308shooter 308shooter
56-60, M
May 22, 2012