It's Not Worse Than Being A Kid In Sierra Leone And Having Your Arms Severed But....

My stepmother was always pretty violent until I was in my teens and still pretty vicious until I got out of the house when I turned 18 and escaped into the military. I didn't talk to them for about a year until they contacted the military and told them my stepmother was sick. Apparently, she had been drinking more heavily than usual and damaged her liver. Anyway, I sort of reconciled with them for six or seven years, was never particularly happy, but I visited them and gave them money. Step parents visited me like once when I get married. Rest of the "family" didn't show up but step parents showed up to screw with me about not telling them I had gone to the courts for a legal marriage prior to the ceremony we eventually had. In the meantime I worked my way through college by myself and scored some decent jobs making good money.

When I was 26 they dumped out their retirement savings and decided they wanted to move back to be close to their parents. After this, Stepfather had a heart attack and quit working like permanently. Stepmother got a job and then quit because she didn't feel she was being compensated properly. She worked a little more I think, traveling back to where they use to live and then quit working permanently. I guess I gave them several thousand dollars during this time period. This wasn't enough, stepmother would always try to guilt me into giving them more money. I remember one time she was like, "We don't have enough to eat." Around this timeframe my wife was pregnant and ultimately we lost our child at about five months I guess. After this I just didn't want to cope with them anymore and stopped speaking to them.

 I use to talk to one of her brothers until he started lecturing me about my stepmother. Even this guy didn't say more then twenty words to me until I was 25 or 26. Showed back up saying he was sorry for not showing up as an uncle. Anyway, I still get blind carbon copy messages informing me of how bad of shape they are in both financially and healthwise I'm sure just to make me feel bad. I just got one over the weekend which reminds me how bad it is to be adopted. 

dwaller1973 dwaller1973
36-40, M
Feb 23, 2010