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My Most Embarassed Spanking Dance

After a spanking i allways dancing and hopping around. Both hands on my bum rubbing the pain out and crying for pain. Evrytime one of my siblings was in to get it (i am the middelst of 3) they act in the same way. Non of our parents use corner time after a spanking only before if more then once of us was in. So it was allowed to "dance" and a frequent sight in our house becouse mum spank us now and there at home if only familymembers are there. So it was quite normal for me to see my older brother or my littel sister get a spanking and they see me frequently to. Dad prefer to spank us more in privat and so he took us to our parents bedroom if he want discipline us.
Now this was happend when i was nearly 13. i had big trouble in school for skipping and mouth of to an teacher and so i earned a spanking from dad this day. Mum informed me that she has called dad at his workplace and that i better had to wear my pyama when he comes home and that i hat to stay in my room for the rest of the afternoon waiting for dad (oh i hate that waiting as child^^). Later mom leave the house together with my littel sister and our brother was somewhere out so i had the luck that i was allone when daddy went home. I was in tears as he walk in and without a pause i started to beg and promise that i would be a good child for the rest of my life if he dosent want spank me. Its  was silly i know exactly that nothing what i can say would prefent my dad to spank me and so at this day it was like on many other days i got a long and harsh scolding and then  a phrase like "you know what is happend now" or "i think you know that i must spank you" and then dad put me in the bedroom bare my bum and admister a long spanking with his slipper. While during my pyamapantie make "the flag of the last surrender" so i was half naked as he was ready with the slipper. It was a major offence in the eyes forom my parents and so after the slipper i had to bend over the bed and dad give me three licks with our carpet beater and my screams went to unimagined heights. So after the three licks my punishment was over and i started to hopping arround grab my pyamapants from the groend and would run back  to my room to stay alone for a while. But to my misfortune my brother was coming back during i get it and he has his new girlfriend with. Both walked along the floor while i running hopping howling and rubbing my bum half naked around this flour with a dark red and welted bottom. Wow it was so embrassed. Today i can laugh with my brother about this "Event" but on this day i think i must die for shame.
DieManuela DieManuela 31-35, F 10 Responses Dec 3, 2011

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Wow...this situation sounds like the mother of embarrassment. Its a great misfortune when you brought yourself in deep deep trouble with your parents, than you must endure the seemingly endless waiting, the very unpleasant scolding, then the pain of the long and hard spanking, and then, when all is over.... you experienced the next awkward situation... my sympathy for your embarrassment and your burning backside on this memorable day and thanks for this well written story ;)

Oh yes the mother of all embarrassment if not the whole family of shame *laugh*. Well said mike and thanks you for your words of comfort.
And i am more as only a little thankfull that my brothers girlfriend never leaf a word about this. Not to me and more importend not at school. I am sure if she had told this only one other girl the whole school had know it in a short time.

So you had a sort of great luck in an otherwise very unlucky situation :)) I am glad you must not had endure the teasing or bullying from your class or schoolmates. This would have made the whole event only worth as it already was. ;))

True words. I wasent absolut shy about my spankings growing up. But i could well do without it that this make the round about school and friends.

Sounds like you put on quite a show for your brother and his girlfriend. :))

i used to do the spanking dance all the time after over moms knees getting up bare bottom dancing around i could not care who saw my front an my sis sure did not mind looking an teasing it was embrassing

Did you se your brother spanked bare bottom too and see everything he had as well? What age were you and your brother last spanked?

Yes sure when we were littel childs but not after he went 11 or 12. When i remeber me right he earned his last spankings with 13 ot 14.

who spanked your brother when he was 13 and 14, your mom or dad? Was he spanked bare bottom even at age 14? Did you feel bad for your brother when he was spanked?

What country are you from?

Thanks for posting! I enjoyed it.
From which country are you?

was it the worse spanking

The worse? I dont know but surly the most embrassed spanking.

did you are spanking like this many time so painfull how much time feel you the pain

I've given a few bare bottom spankings whereupon the young child did the spanky dance. In each case, the child would with both hands grabb on to their sore bare bottom cheeks and be moving around also shedding tears. Many parents like myself want to watch our child do the bare bottom spanky dance because we know the spanking will be remember.

How old was the oldest child you spanked bare bottom? What was it for and how were they related to you.

You tell the story so well...thankyou

Thanks for the story DieManuela.<br />