Humiliating Spanking Dances

Like others here I'm a spanked girl (even tho I'm 19) so I know all about being spanked so hard and long that I end up doing a spanking dance :-( We are always spanked bare bottomed so it's very embarrassing 2 be prancing around half-naked and howling.
Honestly, if it's just mom or dad there spanking me it's almost a relief to finally be let up to dance. They let us jump around and rub until we calm 30 seconds or a minute before being sent to bed or corner time (which I HATE.)

But sometimes I get it in front of my sister and others, aunts uncles etc and then when I do my spanking dance it's the most humiliating part of punishment, even worse then when they pull my panties down and lecture.
Like someone else said they usually end my spanking with horrible stinging brush or belt swats across my thighs and that sends me into hysterics so when they let me up I jump and run and screech and dance.
Rubbing with both hands up and down my burning backside, kicking my knees up high then stiffening and strutting around the room, my furry front sticking out for everyone to see and I know people are looking at me but my fanny is still STINGING so BAD I can't help it!
I hate acting like such a baby but if you ever got your bare bottom blistered with thighs at the end U know U can't stop dancing/rubbing and the worst part is when I finally calm down enough to realize I'm waving my front hair and clutching my red hot butt, crying hard and rubbing, with everyone staring at me - that's the full humiliation.
I wish I could resist but it burns so bad I can't help dancing, no matter who is around to see


ps I can't complain 2 much cuz I do get to see my sis and cousins do their own spanking dances sometimes! Especially the boys are fun 2 see :-)

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How old were the other boys you saw spanked and the girls you saw spanked and do the dance? Did the girls hold their butts just like the boys too and were you crying a lot during and after their spankings?

what do you mean by "waving your front hair"?

You're kidding?

Well summed up! It's a bad feeling, gradually waking up out of the hairbrush-induced haze covering your mind to realise that you are putting on a full show for anyone who happened to have witnessed your spanking! even then, it's very difficult to force your hands off of your butt to try and cover up anyway!

It was much more fun to see my sisters/cousins get it too but it wasn't hard to figure out how much they enjoyed watching me do it in front of them, in return though!

Once my lil sisterhad some gf's over for sleepover and I was barebottom spanked in front of them for being naughty. I was so sore I was spanky dancing bottomless my hands rubbing my bottom and my willie bouncing about as I hopped

P.s. what happens to your "discipline" when you are at adult age and it's co sidered assault to hit another adult? (I presume you are in the USA but don't know if 18 or 21 is the age of adulthood.)

It's 18 when u come of age, but 21 when u can drink liquor

I wonder what would happen if you turned your spanky dance into a spanky lap dance right in front of your uncle or aunt, or kept strutting naked around the room and the cavorted out the front door and up the street?
Would your parents / Aunt feel any sense of humiliation or would this be seen as more "discipline" of you?

I know exactly how you feel. I've been spanked so hard, bare bottom over tthe knees. My story is almost exactly the same as yours

how old are you and when is the last time you were spanked?
How was your sister spanked and how did she dance.

I wrote in the post I'm 19 yrs old. My sisters are spanked the same and they prance around howling and rubbing the same. What about U?

No spanky dance for me, I had to stay bent over the desk for 1/2 hour after my butt got whipped. No rubbing either. By the time I could get up I was able to rub. But never did a dance. I kicked my legs and moved my body during but that was it. My spankings were always in the study. If I got sent in there it was not for anything other than getting my butt scorched. But mine ended at 16 1/2 you still get it now?

Yes, I'm still spanked but not nearly as often as in high school. So U got spanked bent over the desk? Bare bottom? With what? Must have been hard to stay bent over after, but probably a "little" better than having to do the spanking dances I do!

Bare bottom always and with a belt. I got a paddle once and before I started getting spankings bent over a desk it was otk with a hand and then ruler. So you are in college and still spanked?

may be you should let me watch some day.. added you on yahoo :)

You're not a minor anymore. Stick up for yourself. Tell them, "Never again," and move. You have the power to rescue your younger cousins from being abused. Report child abuse. You don't have to get spanked anymore, you're an adult who can put an end to it.

I did the "spanking Dance " when I got my bottom spanked. Mom used a paddle on me and when I was bared I did quite the dance. Thankfully as I got older she did not make me take my jeans down always. But i still danced Her paddle really burned. I was spanked by my mothers friend who was watching me. Her daughter and I had gotten into trouble and we both had to bend over the back of the couch and we got our jeans lowered but our "panties" stayed up and we got paddled. I was about 8 but we both danced about for about 30 seconds before we had to pull up our jeans and head to the corners.
At the time I did not think about much other than my hot butt.

I think for adults, watching a little kid prance around doing the spanky dance is entertaining, or even downright fun. To help them you have to take off their pants or panties, all the way, so they have freedom to hop around and don't fall down. I remember doing the spanky dance with only my top on, all the time for my mom, after the hairbrush. Fortunately I didn't do it too often in front of my friends, because she thought before she administered my punishments, unlike my dad...

Janie, it does make a difference in the "dance" if U still have panties on around legs or ankles....mostly we get it panties-OFF like U fun to do but watching others hard to resist! till what age did U do the dance? late teens here.....

I guess around age 15, my mom gave up... A couple years later I was in college, and hopeless, totally hopeless... pretty much beyond (and totally out of) control. ;(,

i was 16 last time i was whipped by mom , i started getting the belt at 12, before that it was a switch, thats a thin tree branch, that my mom would skin and dry out till it made a whistling sound as she swung it, yes saw my older sister get whipped with the belt a few times totally nude on her butt

Marzi, how often during the ages 12-17 were you spanked bare bottom and how often were your brothers and male couisns spanked that you saw? Did everyone do the dance and did all your boy cousins see you bare in the front as well as you seeing them when they were spanked even as older teenagers?

From 12 to 17 there were about 4 times a year that we got spanked in front of each other. My 2 boy cousins got it a bit more than us girls, but we all saw each other half-naked, bawling kicking and then jumping and dancing, even as older teens. How did it feel when U did that?

Well first of all after age 12 I started hating getting spanked if my sister or female cousin were present cause I always had to either take down pants and underwear to ankles or off. And once I started getting hair down there I hated my sister seeing that as well as I hated mom and my aunt seeing me naked too. But then once the spanking started and I was getting it, for some reason my ONLY thought was the pain and begging for the spanking to end. Once I was let up I danced and hopped around the room, I know my **** was flopping everywhere and in plain view but I didnt care at that point. I was sobbing and rubbing and wishing that burning sting would go away.

How did you feel Marci. Whe your boy cousins were spanked I am sure you saw it all too and did their parts flop everywhere while they were jumping and dancing around. Do you think they or you girls were more embarrassed after you all started getting hair down there and puberty had set in? Was there a time you saw you two boy cousins spanked together at the same time in the same room, if so what did they do and who spanked them and what ages were they. How did each act aafter the spanking?

Would you say you saw each of your boy cousins spanked 5-6 times a year from the ages of 12-16?

As a young boy mom whipped me with a belt, in front of my sister and her gf, mom would hold me by the arm and whip me with the belt on my butt, legs and back as i cryed and jumped and did the dance, totally naked as my sis and her gf laughed... total humiliation..the corner time, still nude for about an hour

How old were you the last few times you were spanked naked in front of your sister? What age were you the last time you were spanked by your mom? You ever see your sister spanked.

i was 17 last time mom whipped me in front of sis, 18 last whipping i got, yes saw sis get the belt at 18 totally nude across her ***, back and legs, i was 15 at the time, my sis was 3 years older than me, mom made her stand against a wall and gave her 10 lashes for staying out all nite

Thank you for your report on this important matter. I don't remember ever doing a spanky dance and evidently it's "humiliating" and most usually around here you would get the impression that people who get down on their knees at a worship service are not getting humiliated...? And is one kind of humiliated the revised version of it or what? In any case I meant to rate your story up on and I'm not sure if it eventually worked?

Lol, yes boys do make a fuss and dance, with penis bouncing up and down, as sadly, i know very well, even at 26

were you also spanked as a teenager and did the dance in front of everyone bare from waist down?

The dance is a good thing. The family has seen you naked, and nudity is not bad. It is a little for humility.

i am bawling when i see the hairbrush..i know that my bottom will be stinging real good real soon. and begging how i dont want a spanking..and pleading to not get one...and promising to behave always...and crying and rubbing my bottom...doesnt matter who is there, i was naughty and next im getting a spanking. i have to undo my pants, and lay across the lap and they pull my pantie down...and then that awlful sting...<br />
<br />
id love to chat more...

me and my sister were being spanked till the age of 13 and then our mother started caning us, till the age of 20, some times even infront of our younger brothers and male cousins and ofcourse bare butt and also had corner time while nude

Did your sister see you spanked and vice versa?

At the end, do you find yourself slightly aroused at being bared in front of others, particularly non-close family members?

I thought rubbing only made it hurt more.

OMG I hate when I am put over moms knee in front of others. It so humiliating being spanked like a child when your 24. Mom has an old hairbrush and it really stings. I almost start bawling at the sight of it.

what do you get spanked for at your age?

i'm 26, and i understand completely

I always hated cornertime when I was spanked. I tried not to dance around too much but I know what you mean when you cant help it because your bottom is on fire. <br />

I was an only child but cousins saw me but it was over panties when they saw

Did you also see cousins spanked and were they spanked over underwear too or sometimes bare bottom? Were the cousins boys or girls?

I did see them spanked a couple times. Theirs was on panties too.

Sounds like you're excited by watching the boys get it bare....