I got spanked with a switch only once growing up. I was probably 10 or 11. My dad handed me his pocket knife and told me to go cut myself a switch. I really didn't know what I was looking for or what would be a good choice. Finally I settled on a long but thin switch; from my childish perception small should've meant "less painful". Little did I know that small and supple really meant "super duper painful"! I ******** off the leaves as I slowly, hesitatingly made my way back toward the house. I had clearly taken too long as dad was now out on the back patio waiting for me rather than in the house. He made me switch from stripping leaves to stripping off my pants. "Dad! Not here! Not outside!" I pleaded. While we lived in a rural area with forest around the house I knew the neighbors could see down the hill onto the porch and I certainly knew that the sound of a spanking could be heard from at least three houses around us. Despite my protests, however, my pants and then my white underpants quickly came off. Before I knew it, much faster than was the case with most of my spankings where lengthy yelling and lecturing transitioned into slow undressing and then seemingly endless positioning & repositioning to get into the perfect position for him to light my rear on fire, he had hold of the upper part of my left arm and was swinging that switch over and over at my bottom. Yelling, crying, no longer concerned about what the neighbors might think, I did the spanky dance around and around in circles. He just rotated with me as I jumped and danced around him, the whistling of the switch preceeding the snap of it cutting across my bare white bottom followed by another wailing cry from me.

I can tell you this- I am glad to this day I only got spanked by a switch once. My dad's wide black leather belt did plenty of damage on plenty of other occassions but I'll never forget the firey feeling of those stripes welted across my backside from that switch.
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my dad swtich me several times i hated it an i was allways made to cut switches first an bring to him the feeling in my stomach cutting them an knowng what was going to happen
the pain the sting the jumping well ilearn not to jump to much getting switch few of them wrap around sides an toward the front talk about pain
but yes almost all spankings was with belt also spank till 19

Even worse than the cane my dad used I should think.

I hope he doesn't do that too often. It sounds painful.

Sorry to hear that. Does he get a switch from the yard? I suppose that is better than you having to get one yourself.
Being spanked sucks more than anything really. Yet if I had been given a choice of punishment I should have chosen spanking over being grounded or missing tv or anything else.
I hope your days of being spanked come quickly to an end.

I know what you mean. My brother and I once got a good switching from an aunt. It really stings a bare hiney!

A different kind of spanky dance, done during not after. Thanks for your contribution.