My Big Sister Used To Call This The War Dance

"Savages" in 1930's films used to dance around like that, she said, or "Indians" in old-fashioned Westerns. All I know is that both of us used to kick our pants and panties off from our ankles, jump up and down, and rub our burnt-up buns at the same time, while howling at the top of our lungs, because mom had a Lexan paddle, and she knew how to use it!
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poor bums

<p>Never got spanked with a Lexan but that desc<x>ription of "the dance" is sadly familiar!</p>

The dance after a spanking is an integral part of it. Whether you apply a paddle or just the bare hand to the buttocks, it has to hurt enough for the pain and burning to be so unbearable the spankee will dance and rub her or his buttcheeks while crying and usually howling. That's also why pants and panties have to be completely off, so the spankee won't trip and hurt her or himself while doing the dance. For female spankees, naked is even better, since the jiggling of the breasts makes it quite exciting, just like the balls and penis in male spankees.

I talked to a girl who said her older sister tripped over her pants while spanky dancing and broke her wrist on the coffee table. After that changes were made. No not no more spankings, just no more pants.

Naked is always better, at least from the waist down. The buttocks jiggle better under the hand or the paddle, and the woman can flail her legs as much as she wants - to no avail of course. Then...she can dance!

I can just hear the conversation the next day with her friends at school.
"How'd you break your wrist?"
"Spanky dancing."
"What dancing?"
"Spanky dancing. You know. Where after Mom paddles your bare bottom, you jump up and down rubbing your toasted buns while howling at the top of your lungs."
"Oh. THAT spanky dancing!

Yes, but breaking your wrist or breaking anything is no fun. That's the advantage of the buttocks. Unless you want them marked with the cane (the bamboo cane used for punishment in Asia leaves permanent scars, marking the "criminal" like branding), a "normal" spanking makes them burning red and very painful without leaving permanent traces...but how the spankee needs to dance, shedding tears and forgetting all modesty while doing it!

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Totally sucks to do - must be something to see.

I know the feeling of being across Mom's lap for a panties-down hairbrush spanking which often ends up with me kicking my panties off my subsequent spanking dance is totally bare bottomed uncontrollable howling, rubbing, jumping......shameful but at least by that point it's FINALLY over!

As a mother that also owns a lexan paddle, and knows how to use it (although only rarely) I can say that my daughters hate it with a passion.

Never had the paddle vanish, no. That would not end well for them if it did, though.

My father had a cane. It had the same effect.

Wow, I hadn't thought of this in years. My mom called it the 'Indian War Dance'. She always looked amused when she said it, like she thought it was kinda funny. None of us kids were laughing. There was nothing funny about a spanking.

What kind of parent would be amused by their child in so much pain they are in almost a stupor because of it? I get spanked as an adult but I consent to it.

Do you mind saying how you are spanked?

To be fair to my mom, she didn't say this or laugh when someone got a spanking. She was talking in general, not about anyone in particular. Did any of us actually dance like that after a spanking? I'm not sure. It was probably an exaggeration.

Oh I did that dance many times!!!