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Growing up I was in hospital for nearly a year, and most days the doctors and nurses would put screens around my bed take my trousers and pants down and give me injections in my bum, it always hurt, I wished they could put the needle in my arms because when it was in the bum sitting down afterwards hurt for a while.
creativegoth creativegoth 56-60, M 3 Responses Mar 28, 2012

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<p>Oh yes, a needle in the bottom was not a pleasent thing at all. But the worsest thing was getting your temperture taken up the bottom. I remember getting both of those things all through school until I was in 7th grade or so. The 7th grade one I remember cause I was expecting bottom shots were done for but not so. Ouch.</P>

I thought that they only took the temperature of babies that way, termometer in the bum,not grown women, thanks for sharing though...

But I look back now, it's having your knickers pulled down for the injection, that I hated most.

No matter the needles are injected in arms or bottom or anywhere on the body, any normal patient will find them unpleasant. They are always hurt. I find it there is not much difference between the injection today and the injection 50 yrs ago. Perhaps, the needles are smaller today. But we still hurt.