4 Years Of Torture

That is what High School was for me! 4 years of torture. I did not really fit in anywhere, I got burned in so many ways. Once one of the most beautiful girls in school and I started talking and I thought we were getting along great! We were actually starting to be more than friends. Then she asked me to go rollerskating with her and when I arrived I was her date as to who could bring the biggest looser contest. Wow did that hurt!!!!! I was also tortured by the cheerleaders and some of the jocks. I fought back and they finally left me alone. Now they try to invite me to reunions or be chummy with me when they see me and I would not **** on them if they were on fire. I know it is not really productive to hold a grudge like I do and I have gone on to be successful and well thought of in the community I am in. But I am still haunted by things that happened so long ago
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I hated high school so much, I literally went because it was an obligation, but always sought myself above the shallow people around school. I was only preoccupied making good grades which I did. But never cared about socializing with peers, I was always bullied and everyone was mean to me, eventhough I was good looking, as a matter fact people in my high school were even racist!! College and med school was so much better, I`m a doctor now, I didn`t even go to my high school reunion 3 years ago, because most definetely I did not want to see any shmucks from back then, and am glad this website exist because I am so relieved to unleash all my high school resentment here...It was and it is tough to be in high school all the teen cruelty...I certainly was HAPPY when it was over...

i hated school to it was just alot of embarressing moments as a teen it is hard to deal with