Didnt Have A Place In High School

i looked like the stoner metalhead, but i didnt smoke. i was shy. i lived far away from the school so none of the people that i talked to at school lived near me so i had no one to hang out with outside school. and even if i did they were all into drugs and partying. i never had a place. i had to repeat 11th grade because i skipped too much the first time i was in 11th grade and i failed 11th grade english. but thats what happens when your 11th grade english teacher thinks that american literature is only things about slavery. im not trying to play the race card here because BELIEVE ME i am not that kind of person. but she was black and only picking stuff that had to do with slavery. what is a 16 or 17 year old white kid supposed to think? then they stuck me in a ton of extra elective classes and things like spanish 3 and a high level math when i didnt need them to graduate. i refused to do anythign but they left me in there. i had no options for elective classes that i would have actually liked. like mythology or something like that. to be completely honest i am pretty sure the only reason i graduated was because my 12th grade english teacher passed me because he knew i needed to be out of there. i was one of the only students who talked to him like a person instead of "my teacher."
EdgeCrusher EdgeCrusher
26-30, M
Apr 23, 2011