A Living Nightmare:my High School Days

I hate my high school. From what others said, it was supposed to be the happiest part of our life. Well, it didn't turned out that way to me.

I'll begin with my last days in elementary. I had two great year in my last of elementary days. I refer to it as "the good old days". During those days, I'm sure of my friends. Then, I'm sure who to count on if I ever get into trouble. I was confident in myself if I ever made an enemy. I was so sure of myself. I was in the honor ranks. Being raised by a parent who wants you to be in the top of class, I was very competitive with grades. I graduated being with the Tenth rank. Then for some reasons, when I was choosing schools for my high school, I chose the school that my best friend, and my "crush"(hey, I'm not a stalker or something) will be attending.(My best friend, and crush Were different people.

At first I thought it was going to be a great school because it was a Catholic school(maybe the students were disciplined, "dictated", and indoctrinated by the missionary nuns), it was a previously an exclusive all girls school, they just accepted boys little years before me so maybe the students were nice, having a little boys population, maybe the boys were well mannered. But my assumptions were wrong.

Thankfully, my first year was good because I, and my best friend had the same section though the girl I liked rejected me, lol, even saying I was ugly. I got rejected two times my first year by two different girls. And it was my first time to be picked upon in my high school days. There was this kid who challenged me to a fist fight. Honestly, I was scared but I go anyway. Thankfully, I won, though I take it with precautions as the school bullies were there.

Then my second year. it was my worse. At the first days, I head people talking behind my backs. They were saying things like weird, nerd etc. I became a complete outcast in my class. I had to fall asleep just to spend my time alone. That habit continued for the next two years. And nobody wanted to befriend me. My best friend, having got in another school, made new friends, and I was completely abandoned. Some even made fun of me with teachers being around. I tried to please people, even being too polite even if I'm the one who's been treated badly. There was a school program where we as a batch would have to dance. And that dance was waltz. At practices, I'm paired with a classmate who didn't even want to touch me, she used a ******* stick instead for the two of us to hold. Under normal circumstances, like if it happened right now, I will be enraged, and god knows what will I do but it did happen in the time I was valuing too much the what so called patience, and respect to others even if they're not respecting me. I'm a complete idiot at that time. My so called friends were always making fun of me like hiding my things, etc.There was even this guy who asked me in a fight. And I did completely nothing when he started attacking, that for my "sense of being polite". The days after that, I was awakened. I promised that I would never ever let that happen to me without me putting up a fight.

Then came my third year. I thought it was going to be good but the first significant thing that happened to me was someone getting a stolen shot on me, then posting it on Facebook. By the time I knew what had happened, there were around two hundred plus likes, and around a hundred comments making fun of me. Some sympathetic classmates said there was nothing I could do about it. It sucks. How I wish Facebook was never invented. From that moment, I was extremely careful if someone was taking pictures. It also made me afraid of Facebook, and what it can do to ruin my reputation just because of  a stolen shot with a lot comments like weird, nerd, stuffs like that that made fun of me. I wanted revenge at that time but all I can do was to stare at the ***** who did it. I often got teased which made me defensive as ever. And as for lunchtimes, as i had no friends, I had to stay at my room, reading novels, or go to the library, or I had to spend my lunch break sleeping. I have found some true friends, and some, well, "fake" friends. The true friends I made were still my friends. But the fakes, well, they used me. When were going to watch movies, I'm the one who has to pay all the time. And when they will hang out at mall, or something, they will always not tell me. It's pretty obvious that they didn't want me along except when I will take care of the expenses. It continued till the last days of my awful high school. Then, there were also somebody who's writing on the restroom walls things like "don't **** here ***** ". Of course I'm so embarrassed, and felt very threatened. There were also a lot of people bullying me, mostly, in large groups. One time, a bully said something like what was written in the restroom. I got so pissed, and pulled a scissor. Thankfully, even though I'm waiting for them to strike first, they didn't and I reported it to my adviser who helped me. That time I was fulfilled.

Then, my last year in high school. On the first time I saw my class, I said to myself in my mind "this is great, I was in a class of bullies". In the first months, I tried to fit in, hoping this year would be nice and great as long as I get through this without much trouble. But the opposite happened. I had an allergy in a particular body part, and I told one of my classmates about it, hoping he wouldn't tell others. But no, the rumours spread first o the class, and then, the whole high school. And they made fun of it. I had to defend myself for the last damn year almost every hour of the days I was in school. Also, when i was using the restroom, someone shot a video. As fast as possible, I fixed myself, armed with a cutter, ran after the SOB. Then, we've gotten into a fistfight, but thankfully, someone stop the fight, and reported it to the school authorities. It was a close thing because if the video did pass, maybe it would be posted on some social networking. I will have to fight two more after that because of them bullying me. And as I said in, I was in a classroom of bullies, so it was a living hell.

Some may say that high school was the best part of school, I've heard others saying they will miss it but for me, I won't miss it. I will never ever get back to my former school. I would like to delete those memories that maybe will be haunting me for the rest of my life. It's a nightmare, every minute of it, and I hate it. That's my high school. And for those who read it, I would like to thank you, oh, and a request please don't copy any form of it in others, be it in social networking, other websites, blogs, etc because maybe I would get into trouble lol.
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