Living In Two Worlds

In high school I led two lives. One as a student keeping up my grades and looking forward to college. The other life was a job in the local library, surrounded by adults and books. The librarians liked my company and we talked about a lot of issues they was facing. When they left for the night, I spent my time reading and putting way books. We sometimes read the same book and talked about it. High school drama seemed so trivial compared to real life problems my friends in the library were facing. I started to drift away from friends in high school, just sitting in class and turning in homework. If it hadn't been for a good guidance counselor, I might not have gone off to college. Looking back, I know I missed some experiences in high school but the friendships I made at the library enriched me too.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Being a teenager is a weird time in everyone's life. I am reading this book called "Reviving Ophelia" about how girls feel a lot of pressure to deny their real selves to fit in. I am sure boys have a lot of those similar experiences.

& my but you have a rich & delicious personality my friend. :D