I Hate High School..

I hated the fact That I HAD to interact with other students.. If it was just learning I would have no problem. Starting freshmen year no one liked me, I cared but I was that person that acted like nothing bothered me. Eventually I started skipping class daily because I just couldn't function emotionally around people. I'm suppose to be a junior now but I'm still considered a freshmen. I dropped out. I got into a fight with a boy who wanted to fight my brother. I learned to deal with people judging me but I would never think a boy would put his hands on me.. I didn't provoke him to hit me. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. That day on twitter I read people saying "I deserved it" or "it's her fault" and I just didnt know to process that in my head. At first I was thinking how can ANYONE feel that a girl deserves to get hit by a boy? And it hurt me to know that. I act tough, like the fight didn't phase me but it hurt me more emotionally then it did physically.
lauraprofound lauraprofound
Sep 17, 2012