Wrestling Randy Rectification

I'm sure many of you have read my story "Locker 936"... but for those of you that haven't, I suggest doing so... otherwise; you'll probably be slightly confused after reading this. 

     I'm originally from Minnesota, but since I got married in September of 2012, my husband and I have moved to New York due to work-related purposes. On holidays or other special occasions; he and I will fly back to Minnesota to see my mom, sister and her husband. On this particular Christmas/New Years visit that we just returned from, I made a rather remarkable discovery. 

     On December 27th, we decided to go out for dinner at some funky new restaurant downtown. Once we got there and ordered, (I had a turkey club) the manager welcomed two eerily familiar looking singers onto a stage-like platform. A man and a woman, both about the same age; early twenties. The guy cued the music,  and cleared his throat. Once he started singing, I think everyone's mouth dropped. His voice was so... perfect and handsome sounding. His words flowed so gently and calmly. It almost made you feel safe listening to him. Then the lady pitched in-- her voice was equally as beautiful. They sang "All I Ask Of You" from The Phantom Of The Opera. It was then that I noticed that sitting at the bar, was my best friend from my high school science club, Jenny. I got up, walked over, and sat down next to her, and we had a polite conversation about what's been happening in our lives for roughly the last six years. She told me she was engaged to the man singing... and then she said to me... "Carre... that's Randy. Wrestling Randy."  
At first I didn't believe her. He's lost a bunch of weight, and he must have grown a heart. So I just sat there in utter disbelief staring awkwardly into space. "I don't think so. I think you got him confused with some other dude" is what I replied (sometimes my sister's style of speech rubs off on me). We sat through their entire set; of course I went back in the middle because our food came. After they were done, I went up to "Randy"... and asked him if he recognized me. At first he didn't. But after he thought about it; he shook his head, looked me straight in the eye, and stammered out a very believable "I am so sorry Caroline M***." 

That's all I'll share of that... but we did talk for about ten minutes afterwards. 
I was just absolutely shocked. It proved to me that people CAN change. Even the people that just about ruined your teenage years. I never thought I would forgive him; but I'm so glad I was given the chance. 

Now THAT was a beautiful story:)
LittleRedCareBear LittleRedCareBear
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013