Worst Years of My Life.

Not having born in Canada already made high school difficult for me. Granted I was pretty fluent and had no problem in English, there are still cultural differences one should account for. I just couldn't fit in anywhere. I am 19 now and in University and I still don't fit in anywhere. I was too smart and mannered for the cool kids and too free minded and spontaneous for the nerds. I have friends from everywhere but still no "good" friends. No friends that will just call me to see how i am doing or just want to go out and have fun.

I was and am really good at guitar but I don't have my contacts to start a band and find people like me. People like have always been really hard to come by. Most of the times I wish I was born here so I would have childhood friends that I would have gone to junior high/high school/university with but that wasn't meant to be.

While I have always been really confident, I never did really manage to find a girlfriend in high school. You know what they want, they want a guy with a car and money. Well, still not that guy. Being a metalhead also makes it difficult to find people like me because music is my life. Whenever I was depressed in high school which is most of the times, I would pick up my guitar and jam like theres no tomorrow; sometimes for even 6 hours a day until the pain was gone.

Sadly, my life hasn't changed much. Hopefully, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

nightwish123 nightwish123
Jun 9, 2009