I don’t understand why I was forced to live with a crazy mother. I’m not going to lie my mother is crazy. She shows favoritism to my brother and act like she doesn’t see it. So I just waited until a moment came when she actually did it to show her the difference she was making. She got mad at me for realizing it. And said she wish she wouldn’t have did it in front of me. I don’t want her money because I can work and make my own money.

I asked her for some money and she told me that she didn’t have any. My brother came in right after me and asked her for some and she handed him some money. That’s when I said “see that’s not fair.” “When I ask you for anything you tell me no.“ ”But when he ask you for things he gets it.” She got really mad she told me if I don’t like it I can get out. So those were my choices.

Let her treat me like I’m nothing and be quiet. Or get out. She is delusional and in denial of the things she does. Which is crazy to me. How can a person not know what they’re doing? I can understand if one can’t notice a few things they do. That’s ok. But she can’t see ANYTHING she does.

And she’ll get mad at you and hate you for the rest of your life, if you try to bring it to her attention. Other relatives and friends have tried to bring things to her attention. She cursed them out and actually holds grudges against those people, going on years now. She doesn’t have any friends but one. And she talks about that one friend like a dog behind her back. She is very negative. She enjoys complaining about her life and talking bad about other people all day.

She acts like she hates the world. Including me. Why was I forced to have a insane mother like this? Why?
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It's just one of those tests in life god wants you to learn. Try this, thank your mother every time weather she says yes or no and be grateful to her that you exist to live this amazing experience we call life.