I just hated the fact that I could not ever be a child. I was always taking care of my sister, my parents when they were too drunk to do anything other than fall all over the place.
I make sure now, that my kids have a childhood that they will look back on in life and hopefully will remember what I've done to make them happy.
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tenner52, she was, if you went through what I did, or something similar, we can claim that fact

I am sorry that you had to endure the responsibility of being a parent when you were a child...I know this feeling so strong..and I continue to feel guilty to this day because I was irritable to my baby sister...She should have just been my kid

Thank you..<br />
I wouldn't honestly get through my days if it weren't for my little angels. I would do anything to give them a better life than what I had!

Sorry you hd to put up with that travesty; but good for you about wanting to give your kids the best.