I hated My childhood because I was never allowed to be a child.  Whenever I wanted to play, laugh or do things children do, I was told to 'grow up' and 'not be so immature'.  I spent all My childhood alone, in My room, reading or writing stories as was also an outcast from My peers due to be 'unusual' so I couldnt wait to grow up and get away.
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Oh I do. My childhood is long behind Me now and most of it is now forgotten memories.

i know how it feel, i feel ive had to grow up too fast. focus on the future now with your love..<br />
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I am sorry to hear you had such a sucky time and were abused too.. nobody deserves that, least of all a child.

Some of Us do get to have a childhood.. just not when We are children. We are having Ours now and enjoying it as much as We can. :-)

Thanks Puma.. yes, My childhood sucked. One reason why I am now glad My parents are thousands of miles away and I have no idea when I will see them again. <br />
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Perseus had a very similar childhood to Mine.. His Mother never wanted Him to be as He is either, but at least she apologised for the way she treated Him on her deathbed.. I cant see Mine doing that. :-(