As Much As I Hated It,i Can Never Change It.

okay so my mom had my oldest bro aaron when she was 16 and got married to his dad, but when he died of an overdose thats same year she took my bro and lived with some friends.then she meet another dude when my bro was like 4or 5 and married him,she had 2 kids with him,my older sis chloe and my older bro eric.but they ended up getting divorced like 2 years later,then she got a bf and had a kid with him,but he got full custody of the kid and moved to NY(i had no idea he i had a 3rd bro until this year:p).SOOOO, finally comes me .after her bf takes the kid she hooks up with an australian guy and i am the result...he walked out on us before i was even whole childhood was a bunch of lies...we lived in poverty, my mother was an alcoholic who beat me(being the youngest) every time something went wrong,my only father figure was my oldest bro aaron and sometimes my older bro eric.i never had a real sibling, they are all half siblings. i ended up becoming a heroine addict, a smoker, and a drinker at a young age:( some people have it worse than me i know,but all i want to say is that i really did hate my childhood:(
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^thanks for making my day man:) i appreciate it

And with all those rotten disadvantages you still manage to be a pretty fair writer for someone so young. Despite drugs and early poverty and getting little guidance or mentoring, you are able to articulate like an adult looking backwards on life from a wiser perspective. Keep doing what your doing - not the heroin - I mean keep expressing yourself - I laugh when people tell me, oh I really miss the fun I had in my high-school years... and I'm thinking geez I'm having way more life-enjoyment after the age of 30 than back then!

dont feel sorry,its okay.and dude you had it way worse...:(