I Really Did Hate My Childhood .

I was molested , abused mentally / physically , and I had to see my mom get sick all the time with all of the conditions that she said . I grew with my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer and my grandma passing away from breast cancer .
TiqqerGore TiqqerGore
18-21, F
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You're not the only one who's life is a living hell

wow you had it bad, I hope things get better for you over time xx

i sorry about you bad childhood i had a not so childhood also i had so much anger i had forgive my pain lifted able to go on also my grand father died of throat cancer mcmutt6@gmail.com

Damn that is one horrible childhood you got there how the hell did you deal with that ****?

I have a thing where I compress my memories into the back of my head , so I never think about them unless they are mentioned by someone else . I am very uncomfortable with doing a lot of things that I don't even realize why until someone asks me to think about it . I currently have my whole family telling me that I need a psychotherapist . I can't find one though . Also , during my sleep I grind my teeth even if I am happy or not , because I have nightmares .

Oh I don't even deal with the situation I just ignore it and continue playing Xbox lol

You should ignore things all the time .

Well Ms. TiqqerGore. I am so sorry-but you appear to be a beautiful girl. make the most of your life indeed for it is SHORT. I am sorry you had much unhappiness, now go out and get yourself some 'happiness!' Art, writing, pets, helping others, education, loving relationships, etc. You can do it! I know about miserable childhoods and I am now divorcing a second time and he is monstrously cruel-but I am now at peace and life is opening its 'arms to me!' Life has the same desire for your happiness-go for it! Lisa

I currently do photography , tattoo drawings for my friends , and in a relationship . I am doing everything I can right now to be happy .