Bullied Out Of School

Ok I know my story isn't as bad as a lot of you guys but it dose mean a lot to me if other people know how it feels. It's a bit long as well and sorry about spelling errors.

Well it started in my first year at my new school (I had been going to a private school but it was too expensive to send me and my brother) the first day started ok but during free time I saw this girl Trinity playing by her self with the doll house and I went up to her and asked if she wanted to be friends, she said no, pushed me to the ground and bit my arm hard, the teacher stopped her and she spent the rest of free time in time out, I went to the office and got a bandage for my arm (she bit a big chunk offD: ) when i came back i started playing with the lego (i am a huge tomboy) and this dickhead comes up and says "why aren't you playing with the dolls like a NORMAL girl?" I told him that I hate dolls and wanted to play Lego then he destroyed my building and called me freak, I started building again and this boy asked if he could play with me, he said his name was Locklen and we became best friends.

the next day the teacher came up to with trinity and she said she was sorry and she wants to be friends and I did the most stupidest thing and said yes, we where friends but she became meaner as time went on, for the rest of the year I was called many names, freek, loser, wirdo, fat and moron since I couldn't spell my name until year 3.

In year one I got this new teacher called sue, she was nice and Lockie, Trinity and I where in the same class but I can't seam to remember any more than that, maybe I've blocked it out, maybe I was just too young to remember, I do have fanit memorise of being called names but that's it.

Ahh year two, a nice little year of anorexia and beatings, Lockie and trinity weren't in this year and I was alone in a class full of year twos and threes, I had the same teacher sue and she wasn't as nice as before, well in the first week we were put in to reading groups I got put in to the lowest of them (back then I didn't know it was low) and it was bad because i couldn't read, the kids use to tease me about my reading ability, I ended up hating reading all together (I now love reading and can't seam to put a book down after a while) I tried avoiding it by taking long bathroom brakes just so I wouldn't have to hear them laughing at me, the next term a kid called me fat every day so I went on my mum and dad's computer and looked up "how to get skinny" I saw that some people throw up to get skinny, I did try it once but it hurt so I didn't do it again until people started beating me up, pushing me to the ground, kicking and punching me and calling me really hurtful things (at one point I was called ****) I started throwing up to get out of going to school I now wish I had of just gone to my parents for help because it only got worse, and It wasn't just bad with the kids it was also bad with the teachers, I still remember this one righting lesson, we where learning how to do E and I wasn't doing as well... Who am I kidding? I ******* sucked, the teacher was helping me to do it the right way and I was not progressing, I tried to tell the teacher something but she said after I did a proper S, the teacher got fed up and left, so I did it by my self and at the bottom of the page I wrote "my Es Look like my 3s" and she yelled at me because I was too lazy to know the difference, later (when I was ******* 12 and couldn't do any thing about it) i learnt I was dyslexic

Ok now I'm getting a little angry so I'm going to stop.
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Jan 14, 2013