Nothing To It.

As I child I was neglected and left at a park for 30 minuites by my birth dad at 4 months... My mom killed my sisters pets and My birth parents tried to kill eachother ... But then I was adopted loved and brought up good, I use to read books on princesses alot and I thought to myself "wow.. I'm gonna be a princess someday" and I am gonna be perfect like ariel or find love like Aladin or something... I waited everyday to grow up and become a princess and stuff,Now looking back I hated my childhood because I cheated myself and lied to myself making me believe I was gonna be loved and perfect and even adored by others now I am an emo sitting in the corner with the hurtful word of "fat" carved into my ridiculously pale skin waiting for someone to honestly love me for me and not for my boobs or my ... Other features waiting for a good friend who won't just pretend to listen when I really an in the pain of depression and now looking back Hating my childhood and everybody in my childhood... I'm ok with not being the stupid fake princess I want to be.
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Oh honey you sound so sad. You know what? Doesn't matter about all those selfish people in your life who are did a crap job at parenting. What matters is that YOU figure out how to love YourSelf. That's the only way you can close up that deep empty hole inside your heart. TV princesses and story book princesses- they aren't real, but there is a real one that matters the most..... She is inside you. Doesn't matter if she doesnt look cartoon-perfect on the outside. AWESOME comes in all shapes, sizes and colour packages!! Just because you dress her up in black and carve in her skin doesn't mean she's not in there somewhere still. Shes waiting for you to see that. No matter who you are or where you go, there is always going to be people ready to bring you down. (They think bringing others down will make them feel better about themselves but it doesn't work for more than a minute or so). But the trick is to learn how to say "forget you dude!!!" And focus your energy on being with people who give you a good feeling inside and who are more interested in all the things that are amazing about you... And I KNOW there are lots!!! She's in there - that princess chick. Lift your head up so the sun can shine on you babe, and remember you ARE loved, and you most definitely are WORTHY of love! And, you DESERVE to be loved. And when the day comes, make the decision that today is the first day of the REST of this Princesses life!

Wow... Just wow... That gave a me a spark of happiness there ... I'm glad people like you are still on earth.