Spin The Bottle

Hi everyone
So i had a small crush when i was 13 on a guy named Joey. I wasnt very popular and he kinda was. I was turning 14 and had a party at my house. I invited my small group of friends and him and his friends. He and his friend came over and my friend, Patty, told me "ooooooh Look! He just gave you a shy cute smile!" when his mom dropped him off. We started playing truth or dare and his friend dared me to kiss him. I pecked his cheek quickly and felt like I was having a heart attack!! Later, a girl got an empty Coke bottle and said "hey why dont we spin the bottle!?" I was horrified! We all got on the dock and my friend, Leila, liked his friend so when she spun the bottle she kept on kissing him progressively longer and longer..... There were only 2 guys at my party and like 6 girls playing. i was semi-forced into it and when i spun the bottle, it landed on him and i pecked his lips but I felt really weird, especially since he had an acne filled face and crazy afro thing going on...... I realized that i didnt like him like a month later and dumped him because he was really weird around me... OH ANOTHER STORY! I was on a new years cruise and met a guy named Cody when I was 14 (Crazy year huh) and he was 15 from georgia blah blah blah. He bent down to kiss me and it was SO GROSS! like slobbery and gross. He kiss me again into like 3 kisses in one? There was tongue.. I have never been kissed like that..... Slobbery and gross... when i pulled back, he told me that i was a really good kisser and then he kissed me RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DAD AND BROTHER... I died.... not good... kissing a stranger who slammed a slobbery tongue in your mouth... *shivers*
jalepelover3 jalepelover3
18-21, F
Sep 8, 2012