Evil Teacher

i went to middle school in the uk. we had moved house and i had to change schools just after the start of the school year. i left one school on the friday and started another on the monday. this was really traumatic i only had my uniform from my preivous school so i stuck out like a sore thumb which is not what you wanna do when you're a shy child in a new school. the monday i started this new school the first class i had was P.E gymnastics to be exact.i didnt have any sports kit the teacher Mrs O'neil took an instant dislike to me and rather than cutting the new girl some slack she gave me an unwashed leotard from the lost and found box and made me change infront of the entire class. she had an obsession with us not wearing any under wear underneath out leotards for some reason so i had to get naked infront of a room of bitchy girls i didnt know. i hated gymnastics as i wasn't very good at anything like that i couldnt even bring myself to do a forward roll. mrs o'neil must have noticed me struggling she came up behind me roughly shoved my head btween my legs and pushed me over into a forward roll. this was totally unexpected and very painful i was only 10 and this shock and humiliation mixed with the stress of the day made me cry. no one comforted me they just laughed including the teacher. after that mrs o'neil tourmented me for the year i was at that school she threw a basket ball at my face,painfully twisted my arm behind my back and worst of all she pushed me off a vaulting hose. she also tourmented a few other girls she ever broke one girls arm . i have no idea why she wasnt sacked many many pairents complained about her but the school did nothing.
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what was her name