A Rare Moment Of Triumph

I used to have the lesson first thing on a Monday morning and my heart would sink.

I hated being made to go out in the freezing cold in shorts and t-shirt. I hated being made to work in groups with people I didn't like. It was just another opportunity to be humiliated or put down because I was never a sporty person. When people picked teams it would be me and one of the podgy girls standing there glumly, the last choice. We didn't even want to participate, and that made it even more depressing.

One day we were playing a game of rounders in the field. I had to try and hit the ball. The girl bowling it was a very nasty individual, one of the people who bullied me. We looked at each other. You could tell she was probably thinking it was a waste of effort because I would miss anyway.

The ball came heading in my direction. I seized the bat, and with every bit of resentment I had, striked it as hard as I could. It went soaring through the air and there was a shout of praise from someone. It was a moment of triumph even though I don't think I managed to score a full rounder that time. When I had a second attempt a bit later I nailed it. I remember how happy I was because everyone was cheering.

It wasn't often I felt like that in that class.
AngelofPink AngelofPink
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Had a similar experience like that myself, during volleyball. The captain of the opposing team simply HATED me back then (although he later became friendlier to me). I wasn't especially good at serving the volleyball back then, so it surprised even me when the ball not only cleared the net, but it stayed in bounds! It must have surprised the opposing team, too, because the ball hit the floor on their side of the net, untouched! It was within play of at least FOUR players on their team, but all four of them just looked at each other as the ball landed between all of them without any of them even attempting to hit it!

That must have been a good feeling.