The Annoying Jiggle.

I've always hated PE. I'm not really a sporty person (understatement) and the only sport I actually play is badminton. (yes, it is a sport).
I've always had big hips and a big butt ever since I was a child but it took me a while to understand what great ASSets I had. All I knew was that I was bigger than most of the girls in my class. Now imagine having to run up and down a field with that annoying jiggling. PE was a nightmare. To add insult to injury, my legs really are not my best asset and having to wear those teeny wraparound skirts just drew more attention where I wanted none at all.
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3 Responses Sep 26, 2012

I was really lucky that we were allowed to bring our own pants to PE. I wore shorts for the first few classes, and I felt self-conscious about my thighs and brought a pair of sweatpants, even for when it was warm out. I was very uncomfortable for some reason at that time about my legs, maybe because of how much I weighed back then, so I wanted to cover every inch of them up.

You sound very confident and wonderful!

I see. Was there any way to cut the jiggling down?

Yeah, I could see how that would help. Can you still run? I can't. I'm lucky to just walk now.