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What a waste of my life. I could have been taking a useful class instead of this one but NO! my state requires PE. 

The activities we do in there arent even productive. They totally dont help people lose weight and have a better body. 

reset reset 18-21, F 5 Responses Apr 26, 2010

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Hi, Im from the U.S. and your the first person Ive come accross that feels the same way as I did. Im out of school now but alot of my classes was a waist. And yes the same as you. The PE class and swimming, the whole class swam in the nude for an hour and ran a mile in our little gym short on a cold morning. It was stupid and now I have spelling problems. I wish you good luck and have a nice happy day. Smallknicker

Lucky! lol

Unlucky. We were still expected to participate, but we didn't get a grade for it and it made no difference to exam results. So you can see why so many of us didn't bother

in my school, they wouldnt care if you didnt dress and participate but your consequence would be failing the class and not graduating high school. sigh.

haha tell me about it, like 5 years of rounders is gonna help my future! Luckily for me the discipline in my school was terrible so when half the girls (including me) stopped bringing their kits aged 14, no one did anything about it