Complete Torture

I never really understood the whole point of P.E. I mean sure it's great to be fit and skinny and stuff but P.E. was always a popularity competition in my school. The most popular people were the most athletic and skinny while the fatter and less athletic people were well...under. 
PE never came easy to me and I mean NEVER. I wasn't the slowest runner but those timed miles always killed me. And those team sports? Another way for me to embarrass myself. I hated volleyball and i absolutely hated basketball during PE. Remember those times, when the team captains had to choose their team members? Guess who was always last. I really did try my best in those sports but there was always something that I didn't do right that cost my team that one game and guess what? They hated me forever for my lack of skills. 
If I could have found some way to ditch PE back then, I seriously WOULD HAVE. The feeling you get when running your *** off and then looking over at the fat teacher (they're always fat for some odd reason) sitting down yelling at you to run faster is infuriating. 
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1 Response Jan 24, 2012

i know how you feel. as much as i exercise now, i hated gym class during my school days. i guess one thing is that i never felt at ease exercising with others. to this day it's something i prefer to do on my own, don't need a buddy to keep me motivated. it's private time for me.