does any one well im thinking females here remember those those horrible nylon leotrds when gymnastics was all the rage. itchy and sweaty and shrunk in the wash. uggh and smelly gym changing rooms, playing hockey on freezing mornings. no wonder i didint like pe plus my pe insructor was a lesbian and u wouldnt have wanted to get in the shower too near her let me tell you.
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One good thing I remember about P/E classes was watching all the girls in those cute leotards, especially the ones that had shrunk in the wash and didn't quite cover all they were designed to cover.
Oh, yes, and then there was the occasional brave girl, presumably on a dare, who would run into the boys locker room while we were all in the shower, usually to giggle and point and then run out.

I liked PE class, I had fun even though I was probably average in abilities.

But while you are talking about lesbos....in ninth grade gym class we had a kid in 7th grade in the same gym period. His first name was Chris but we called him '***** boy' because every time we took a shower at the end of class he had an erection. Needless to say everyone knew who he was and everyone avoided him when he was at attention. A few times we formed a line when he was getting out of the shower and yelled ***** boy, ***** boy !

My cousin, three years older than me, in eighth or ninth grade in Miami, said her gym teacher was a lezzie and used to feel the girls after their showers to make sure they were completely dry before they got dressed. We had a very beautiful gym teacher, but she was in love with Mr. Roberts, the boys' gym teacher. I wouldn't have wanted a gym teacher putting her hands on me if she looked liked the typical lesbian teachers of those years, though--bowl haircut, face like a man. I will say, though, four of the very best teachers i ever had--third & fourth grade, were lesbian, my fifth grade first man teacher was homosexual, and my seventh grade Science teacher was lesbian (i didn't know that but had a secret crush on her nonetheless!). But, yeah, lesbian gym teachers wouldn't get away with today what they did in the sixties.

omg thats awful my storys tame compared to your cousins i had avery lovely art teacher who took me under her wing she was married but i did feel a strong connnection to her.

I always make one mistake. My science teacher was in the half of eighth grade i attended until we moved to Miami in December, 1967. May she rest in peace, Miss Benton was a nondescript, young, new teacher when i first knew her. She was gone from my school after i returned there when we returned to New York in '69. Around 2003 i saw her and her gf at a small pizza restaurant. I was so glad to say hello to her after all those years, but it was a quick hello & goodbye. On April 14th, 2010, i read her obituary. Born November 30th, 1944, she was just twenty-three when i first knew her as my eighth grade science teacher from September to December of '67. "Sheila K. Benton went home to be with her Lord on Monday, April 12th, 2010, after a brave fight with cancer. She was 65". I called her church because i didn't have a car and couldn't attend her services. I spoke to her loving brother from Wyoming for a short time and asked that he please accept my prayers for her. She'd left my school in the summer of 1969 to teach "sciences from the sixth grade level up through and including college" at the school nearer her home for the next forty years and "enriched the lives of the thousands of students she taught".

sounds awful - how did u know she is les ?

she used to watch us taking showers and she had a gf. it was well known lol

Ok Im a bloke but funny old thing, I was at my Mum's at the weekend and my sisters (x3) were all saying the same. Lol

I know the girls at school were scared of the female (rather butch) PE instuctor for the same reason....

ithink half of them have b'lls

cant wait!

it was ill fitting thats all im telling you.any of you??