I Didn't Hate It, I Just Didn't Care

I never wanted to participate in P.E.  It was a required course, and you did have a 'bottom line' that you had to meet; but I was never excited to be there.  As i progressed though school, the P.E. teachers were aware that I was the kid that would just kind of stand there.  I know HOW to play these sports, I just have no interest in partcipating.  Once, I did climb the rope however, to the top. Later that day a kid got hurt on it and they took it out.

Baseball: I'd bunt at bat and shuffle off toward 1st.  If they made me field, I'd never get the 'easy out' let alone something I had to run for. If they made me play a base, I GUARANTEE the runner will be safe.  "Oh? I'm out? OK, I'll just go sit down."


Basket ball: I like throwing baskets, but you want me to actually play?  I wouldnt dribble, I'd just walk around.  "Fouled out? OK, I'll just go sit down."


Football: Just don't bother even throwing it to me or to expect me to keep them from getting you.


Running the mile: 15 mins was the minimum. 14:58 is where I averaged. When they told me i had to "run" not "walk", I upped the tempo to a light jog.


There was a required outfit to wear during that class. Halfway though the year, everyone's is stained and torn. Mine, still looks new.  By the end of the year some people have had to buy new clothes, mine still looked new.  Hell, I'll wear em again next year.


I DID enjoy weight training. My interest could have been spurred because I did not have access to that equipment at home.

Phreeek Phreeek
Feb 18, 2010