My Humble Experience

Yeah,this was not my forte, I ducked out of ever doing it in High School,which turned out to be quite a surprise at the end of my senior year when I wasn't allowed to graduate!

I THOUGHT that was just a MYTH!!!

So I stayed on for another semester,which was mostly ok with me,I had a good job as head busboy in a fancy dining room,could borrow Mom's car whenever,plenty of money for weed and spent all my schooltime in the artroom-though most of my few friends had already left town and I was still too shy to speak to girls,much less date them...

I signed up for archery to get my nessesary gym credit,that sounded like actual fun-I always did like to play Robin Hood.Of course the coach-"Stinger"did not,did not,did not like he gave me gymnastics.At 8am.(my only class that began before noon!)I was not amused to find myself the only male,the only senoir,and the only stoner- in a roomfull of giggling oh-so-preppy freshman girls...did I mention that I was not very cordinated?...or that my night job and party schedule kept me up half the night? or that I was a bumbling,mumbling, awkward-goofy-bookish paint-spattered mess?

I made it to class.I suited up in polyester shorts.I tried to not fail,sorta...I was mostly mortified.The redneck coach really enjoyed seeing me suffer.chump.

Finally the semester was over,and I was summoned to his smelly office...I had failed every gymnastics thing,every vault,dismount,routine and warmup...but I think I showed up more often than not...and hey,couldn't I transfer some of my A+ art credit over to the bloody gymnastics column?yeah,right-this ape really admired surrealism and political cartoons-the contempt oozed out of his countenance everytime he saw me..."D,in NO way have you earned a passing grade in my class..." ulp..."but if I give you this ( well deserved) F...I will have to look at you for a whole 'nuthah' nobody wants dat..."I could only nod,blush and look down at my tore-up old Addidas."so here ya go..."

He marked me down with a D-minus,juuuust enough to pass the heck out of the hallowed halls of Hangover High.What a pal!

dubkebab dubkebab
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

thanks wonders.I'm glad EP gives me the opportunity to relive my past embarassments with humor and's healthy.

My goodness Dub, this is a terrific post!...It brought me back to highschool for a moment in time. Ahh those were wonderful years, even though it didn't necessarily feel like it back then. That gym teacher of yours sure was a *****. Great writing as well, your vibrant personality shines through.