She Told Me To Root My Boot When I Was 10

so I did

and she used to get bugsy to abuse me

she got a lot of people to abuse me

she was so in love with herself no one else mattered unless you were in her important club

she never cared for me 

she took me down

its was pointed the way she took my sister out to night clubs and snubbed me even to this day she treats me like I am a heap of pppppoooooopppp in her face

she used to make fun of me... brig was the type that the world existed in her vagina... and the world blessed her vagina 

all that italian up herself nazi I top dog crap.... she never once knew how I suffered and never cared

if I seen her today I would give her a smack in the mouth.... she was a super dog 6itch to me 

took everything from me

she wanted the lot like diana

Diana took everything from me with her selfish conceited self vanity and love 

two peas in pod...

brig was the rooooooottttters to end alll roooooooters

she could roooot the boooooots offff a kangarooooo!! and wasn't afraid to let you know it tooo

all I can say is her mother and her and peter abused me ...

peter bashed into me 

and they all degridated me 

they knew bill was molesting me but didn't get off their ar se s do a thing to help

she wanted all the guys

well I guess people go to their comfort zones and hers was in the cott    all the time.

she never noticed that anyone else may need a boyfriend or support after the murder or death of someone 

like Louise ..... nothing on this planet is more important than Louise ... 

they really should name a planet after her as a matter of fact

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2 Responses May 8, 2012

You need me with you love. I am your perfect love.

all I ever heard from them was how great they were and how scum I was. how beautiful they were and how ugly I was.<br />
<br />
all I ever got was how they knew real love and how to love people unlike me... <br />
<br />
but did any of them had a dirty old urine wrinkled old vomiting drunk pushing himself into their pants and hitting them.... <br />
<br />
no ... irene no brig ... I would not know what real love was ... you are so fffff en right!